What Is A PrettyWolf?



A PrettyWolf is clearly pretty. Otherwise, she would be an ugly wolf. And nobody wants to be ugly. In fact, we get so caught up in trying to be pretty that it starts to be the element we use to define ourselves and determine our worth.

So many blogs and magazines today try to tell us how to become pretty, but what if we already are pretty? Instead of focusing so intently on the outside, let’s strive to be pretty in all areas of life. Let’s start feeling pretty instead of just looking pretty! Nobody can feel pretty by trying to be something they aren’t, so embrace YOUR pretty. Find whatever it is that makes you feel alive.

Wolves are strong...and not to get too weird talking about wolves here, but they are pretty confident animals. Just like we should be. Don’t be one of those people who is pretty until you get to know them, be someone who radiates pretty from the inside out, and who looks the part too. Be a PrettyWolf! PrettyWolf is here to help you be and feel pretty as you live your life comfortably and stylishly. This blog will help you learn how to bring out the pretty in all areas of you life - inside and out. It’s here to offer you encouragement, strength, and style.

Our clothing will help you find the pretty on the outside to match your pretty within. All of our clothing and accessories are designed to be comfortable while making sure you look as fly as you feel! Nobody is comfortable when stuffed into something you think you should be wearing. Comfortable is being able to move in something you love. We are here to give you the best of comfort, and the best of style! Style that lets you do it all.

Our PrettyWolf Vikings Collection includes the first pieces of our clothing lines for NFL fans. We will teach you how to look pretty while being pretty loud and supporting your favorite team. We will show you how to dress the look up and how to dress it down. How to style it if you are a rocker and how to style it if you are a flower child. How to look like a fan and how to NOT look like a fan. We’ll help you take your game day look from a ballin’ outfit for the game to a nice outfit to wear out to dinner during your post game celebration. Fan gear should not mean having to look basic to support your team, or having to resort to something plain in your team’s colors. We have created the impossible - stylish fan gear.

Follow us on twitter and Instagram at @ShopPrettyWolf for tips, tricks, and clothing that will ensure you’re comfortable and pretty, stylish and confident at the big game and everywhere you go.


Jenna + Brit

The PrettyWolf Girls