If you are into knitwear get ready, Denim knitwear is about to rock your world. Knorts premium knitwear denim line enables you to be on the cutting edge of fashion and accentuate your most flattering curves all while achieving ultimate comfort. 

Denim discomfort NO MORE!

We know denim will forever be engrained into every woman’s wardrobe, which is great because who doesn’t love jeans? But, do you dream of living in your favorite denim but hate the discomfort you feel? Let’s get real for a second, your favorite pair of jeans probably takes about 5 minutes to shovel yourself into and also requires quite a few talented maneuvers (example: jumping up and down, squatting, lunging, ect.) Once the ritual is complete you know you are a 10 even though you might feel like vomiting up the last 10 things you ate. Living forever in your denim was about as real as a unicorn until now thanks to Knorts!

Styling options GALORE!

One of our favorite things about Knorts is your styling options are endless. Choose to use multiple pieces of Knorts and create fabulous denim duos or choose your fav tee and pair it with the Elongators! It’s not rocket science it’s just the new wave in denim. Don’t piss your pants! 

Who wear’s short Knorts? You bet your ass YOU do!

Embrace your confidence and bust out your fav sweater with the Eyes On Me Shorts! Whatever your style or vibe, you can incorporate Knorts into the mix. Show off your best assets and live confidently comfortable!