The Complete Game Day Guide

Have you ever googled game day fashions and trends? It’s actually quite laughable. Everyone generally looks the same with the t-shirt bought at the pop-up stand on the way into the game or they tried so hard “matching” is an understatement. Even pre-scouting the wardrobe scene on the internet can get pretty depressing. Don’t get me wrong, we all wanna show up on game day sporting our teams colors or logos but isn’t every event just an opportunity to express yourself through fashion? Duh, the answer is yes! And we aren’t just talking about picking a dress that’s the color of your team here. We are talking about styling the hottest, cutest outfit that will make heads turn and keep the boys celebrating something other than just the last touchdown. So just for you we have created a guide to help you show your team spirit in style!

Style Over Spirit

“Never compromise style for spirit.” This is the most important rule of all! Whatever your favorite trends are this season don’t forget them just because it’s game day! So weather you’re into fringe,  plaid, or knitwear, incorporate it into the mix.

Option Accessory

It’s up to you to put the finishing touches on your look! So use your favorite jewelry or accessories to show your favorite vibe! Let your inner bohemian goddess shine through or kick a little ass as the tom-girl you are! 

Kick It Up A Knotch

Wear the flyest kicks you have. Keep it comfortable but remember crocks, uggs, and flip flops are not your best friend. Only your girlfriend telling you, "you can’t wear them" is! Besides, we all know our soles define our souls. (Well maybe not but it sounded pretty good.)

The Cool Cover

Keep it simple. Keep it cool.  Let’s get real, you aren’t going to the club, you're going to cheer on your favorite team. You don’t want to be that girl! Boring hair, makeup, and even simplicity in your outfit. So choose one or two tips from the guide and your ready to roll. BOOM!

We promise if you use these tips you will be asked for numerous photo ops! Because that’s what’s important. Well that and your selfies, and cheering your team on to victory!