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When I’m having a bad day, listening to that happy song with the great beat can completely turn my mood around. If I need to cry it out, I’ll throw on some sad girly music and just let the tears flow. Or simply turning on some worship music can fill me with God’s love and joy. Music makes me feel alive.

I attended my first music festival in 2012. I went to Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN with two of my best friends from Auburn and a few high school friends. I had always been into music and attended many concerts in my life, but something about a music festival is different. There is a sense of positivity in the air you can’t describe, but you can feel it. Maybe this all makes me a “hippie”, but the happiness and love everyone has for music is almost attainable at festivals.

My love for music and the culture that comes along with it drives much of my style. I ALWAYS go for comfort, especially when at festivals since so much walking is involved. Being uncomfortable never makes me feel good in what I’m wearing. And as a PrettyWolf, I want to feel confident in what I’m wearing! Part of why I love attending music festivals is I LOVE styling my outfits and showing them off. I get to combine my two loves of music and fashion when I go to festivals, so let me help you do the same!


Here are my 5 MUST HAVES at music festivals. These essential5 items will help you stay cool, comfortable and stylish all at the SAME TIME!

Especially for Hangout fest since I am going to be at the beach! No matter what festival you are preparing for, always bring a bathing suit to wear during the day. You’ll get hot, trust me, and end up wanting to run through water, get sprayed with a water gun, or play in the fountains. I usually end up packing an outfit for the day and one for night, because it tends to cool off A LOT. Bring your cutest suit and throw on some high waisted cut off shorts. It’s a super cute look that helps you stay cool!

Going along with the last item, trust me you DO NOT want to get fried while at a music festival! I swear by NaturaBisse’s C+C Vitamin Cream. It is a moisturizing lotion with an SPF. I wear it everyday and it makes my skin feel amazing! Festivals tend to be in pretty open spaces, so taking care of your skin and preventing sunburn is extremely important.

If you’re anything like me, if I walk outside when it’s sunny without sunglasses I feel like I’m going blind.  Bring a super cute pair of shades with you to the festival and you’ll be more than thankful. Squinting causes wrinkles, and I don’t know about you but I’m doing EVERYTHING I can think of NOW to prevent those stupid things from appearing in the future. Bring your MAHO shades from PrettyWolf and you’ll be the headliner for sure!

Trust me when I say this, you walk a LOT at festivals. Last year at Bonnaroo to simply get into Centeroo (where the stages are) we had almost a mile walk. So wear comfortable shoes, your feet will thank you! I recently purchased a pair of Birkenstocks, and I can’t wait to wear them this weekend at the Hangout Festival.

I bought my boyfriend a GoPro for his birthday last year, so now we take it to every festival we go to. It’s small, light, and able to take pictures in all kinds of conditions. I love it!! You can take some really cool pictures with it that will last a lifetime. Don’t get too caught up in the festival and leave with no pictures! It’s easy to forget to take them, but trust me when I say you’ll cherish the ones you take.

And there you have it! I’m so glad to be a part of the Pretty Pack and have a chance to share some advice about music festivals. Stay tuned next week for pictures of my styling from The Hangout Festival featuring lots of PrettyWolf!