Pretty much a blast!


Hello again

I hope everyone had a wonderful week since my last post. I know I sure did! I had SUCH an amazing time down in Gulf Shores at the Hangout Music Festival this weekend. And then, last night my boyfriend’s dad surprised us with VIP tickets to see Dave Matthews Band. Pretty solid week of live music if you ask me!

I must admit, I didn’t listen to some of my own advice from last week. I layered sunscreen on over and over, but turns out when it’s expired it doesn’t quite work as well (insert clinched smile emoji). So needless to say, I got FRIED and it was miserable. Check your sunscreen before only taking in one bottle that’s expired! Trust me, lesson learned here on my end.

But that’s not what we wanna talk about! I had a blast styling and putting together my outfits for The Hangout this weekend. Being down at the beach, it was fun getting to accessorize and dress up my bathing suits that normally just get worn by themselves. I LOVED wearing all my PrettyWolf jewelry; Vanessa Mooney and Frasier Sterling chokers were constantly on my neck. My PrettyWolf tees were wonderful too! I always brought one in with me and put it on at night over my swim top. It cooled off a few of the nights, and the tees kept me nice and warm while still looking super cute with my Knorts, Blank NYC shorts or cut-offs from Urban Outfitters. And let’s not forget about my Quay sunnies from PrettyWolf! I got SO many compliments on them and loved wearing them throughout the festival.

I always leave festivals so inspired. Everyone is so carefree and wears whatever they want, something I have always struggled with. I tend to care what others think of me, so I seek approval. However, that isn’t what should matter. Festivals always remind me that what matters is how YOU feel about what you’re wearing, and if you are confident and love it, ROCK THAT SH@T!!! Embracing my personal style took a while, but now that I have found it I love the way I feel every time I put together a cute outfit I feel confident in. My hope is that you all find your own personal style and embrace your inner PrettyWolf! PrettyWolves are all beautiful, confident and fierce in our own way. If we were all the same what a boring world it would be, right?