Chunky Chaser



It’s Wine Wednesday, you’re looking to go out with the girls and throw back a glass or five. You have on a cute, one-color dress and you’re looking to spice it up. Why not reach for a chunky, Pretty Wolf necklace!

We know what you’re thinking: “Ehh, I’m more of a dainty necklace gal, myself. I don’t think I can pull off the bigger pieces.”

Well, the customer is always right, but you’re wrong.

Anyone can rock a statement necklace! You just have to find the right one for you. Branch out, try a piece with a little authority. Jewelry is generally “one size fits most,” but it is universally agreed that chunkier pieces can make you look smaller comparatively, working like an all-black outfit to slim you down.

But if that isn’t enough to convince you, here is our down and dirty pros/cons list for why you should choose a glamorous statement necklace to complete your outfit this evening:


1. They’re called statement pieces for a reason; Generate some conversation with a large-and-in-charge necklace. A beautiful necklace is a great excuse for that cute guy at the bar to come compliment you on your taste (he was totally looking at your necklace, and not a little further down).

2. They’re memorable; Of course, you don’t want your outfit to take away from someone’s focus on the real star of the show: your sparkling personality. But maybe that cute guy at the bar wants to buy a drink for the girl in that fierce necklace.

3. They’re great presents; Why not show your friends that they stand out with an outstanding necklace? You know your best friend’s style, so give them a present you know they’ll wear time and time again.

4.They’re the finishing touch; Complete your going outfit with an eye-catching necklace.


1. Your statement necklace from Pretty Wolf might be so cute that your friends will all be jealous.

2. You’re going to have to upgrade your phone plan due to all of the calls and texts you’ll get from being on official BaeWatch for cute fashion sense. Sorry.

3. You might get mistaken for a model on a regular basis and people will bother you for photographs and pictures.

4. You’ll have to workout less at the gym, because your neck muscles will be intimidating everyone.


Statement necklaces can be used for everything from a strapless dress to a work blouse. Snazz up a t-shirt and jeans, or hit that v-neck blouse in all the right places. Coordinating your color palette to a statement necklace can be easy, especially if your necklace keeps to a metallic theme, or you can pick up one color in the jewelry to run with. Pop that collar and slide that necklace into your button-up DMs. Balance the tightness of a tube top or form-fitting dress with a big, loose, cute as hell necklace. You’ve been presented with some hard options here, but we know you’ll choose wisely. Check out some of our Pretty Wolf chunky necklaces today!