Romping Ground



Stomping around barefoot in the green summer grass catching fireflies. Missing a front tooth and clutching it tightly underneath your pillow, waiting for the Tooth Fairy to give you a quarter for it. Putting on your favorite ladybug romper to go exploring the neighborhood on your bike.  


How do you get these childhood moments back, with a grown up lady twist? No need to wander any further! Your perfect romper is here in our Pretty Wolf collection. Don’t let your clothes put a damper on your lifestyle. Pamper yourself with the proper romper! Saunter around the party with your collar popped and ready.


When you were little, your mother probably put you in a romper because it was difficult to take off. You couldn’t run around naked in the Southern summer sun, like your 4 year old self truly desired. Now that you’re older, you realize how fashionable, and classic you can dress up the romper look.

There are a couple of tips and tricks for buying a romper that will flatter your frame. Know your body type. Ankle-length rompers tend to accentuate the height of taller women or complement the curves of a lady, while rompers above the knee help elongate the legs of shorter gals. Keep things simple. Unless you’re going for a wild pattern, making that the highlight of your appearance, we suggest sticking to solid colors. Don’t choose a material that will keep you tugging at the seams the whole evening. Look for loose-fitting, breathable fabrics to keep you cool, and give you a feminine silhouette. Pass the bend-and-snap test. (Leave a little to the imagination by making sure the length doesn’t expose your buttcheeks.) Avoid going overboard on the accessories; A romper can be enough of a fashion statement, in and of itself, so there is no need to weigh yourself down with heavy jewelry. Classic shoes, cute earrings, and your outfit is set to go! The final step is logistics: jumpers need to be easy to put on and take off. Nothing is worse than stretching your fabric beyond repair trying to shimmy in and out of your hot new jumpsuit.

Our current collection holds two Blank NYC brand rompers: the Vinotherapy and the Netflix and Chill. Vinotherapy is the process of taking the remnants from the wine-making process and rubbing it gently against the skin to massage and exfoliate the body. Our vinotherapy is aptly named for the comforting texture it has against your skin, and its abilities to make the Pretty Wolf inside look ageless. Bright red and sleeveless, this look is perfect for a summer picnic or hangout. The rose red color draws attention to the cut-out back and hip-hugging cinched belt. And the Netflix and Chill is our go-to date outfit. The buttons make it easy to get into and out of, leaves room for a delicate necklace, and can be jazzed up with the right purse and shoe combination to dress-up a denim fabric.
We’re not here to tamper with your fashion. Wear what feels right to you! Whatever makes you feel stronger. We want you to be a happy camper.