The Final Countdown

It’s two weeks after New Years’, and you’re starting to question your resolutions:

Do I really want to go to the gym today?”
Do I really want to eat healthier?
Do I really want to dress better?”

We’re here to answer that last one for you: of course! 

We understand that your resolutions might have an expiration date, but you know what’s timeless? Watches.

It was just a matter of time until we discussed our exquisite taste in watches. In regards to accessories, we believe one shouldn’t waste the potential of your wrist. Whether you prefer a flashy metal or a classic leather strap, find a watch that you will withstand the test of time. It’s a race against the clock-whether you’re big on time, or only wear your watch for a hot second, let the style reflect your personality.


Watches come in many different shapes, sizes, styles, and colors- just like their owners. Simple color combinations, such as black and silver, brown and gold, solid rose gold, or stormy steel, tend to blend in better with any outfit combination. But there is no limit to these staples- there is a watch for everyone and every occasion. Not only the strap, but also the face can be reflective of the carrier, as well: from digital to military to Roman numerals, whatever works best for the consumer for catching a glimpse of how much longer you have to work, or how long you have until your date picks you up can be vital to a daily routine. 

Locket watches, a more vintage look, can also come in handy, for a fashion statement or quick fix for an outfit. These kinds of watches are longer, and can be worn as necklaces (a more visual version of the traditional pocket watch). Imagine the James Bond level elegance associate with having someone ask you “What time is it?” and nonchalantly opening the face of your necklace as an answer.